Yabu: House of Katsu at Robinson's Magnolia

Unlike my Ginza Bairin post, these Yabu pictures are taken while I'm on my smartphone pictures "era" so bear with them. Iba pa rin talaga pag kuha ng camera ehhhhhhh kaso nakakalimutan ko dalhin ehhhhhhh.

At akin na po 'yung bagong camera ko, fairy godmother. hahaha. 

Condiments on the table for preparing your tonkatsu sauce, dressing for your cabbage etc.
Hot tea and sesame seeds

Time to grind those sesame seeds once again!
My 2nd time.
3/4 inch thick, flaky pork cutlet with no fat

In nakakaiyak 150g for P 420.00

(Naalala ko lang si Ryzza Mae nung nanood ako ng My Little Bossings nung nakita ko 'yung yellow wasabi. Naluha rin ako nung first time ko nyan. hahahaha. Hirap talaga pag pinagana ang katakawan bago ang utak eh.)
Rice, miso soup, pickles, cabbage and fruits are all unlimited.
Okay na, right?

Being "unlimited' is I think one of the reasons why Filipinos love these Tonkatsu Houses, ang hilig talaga natin sa unli! Mas appealing na lalo pag nalaman na unli eh. Mas worth it din.

And I have two reasons why I said nakakaiyak,

1. The meat was very tender and the coating was crunchy. Delicious, of course.
2. The meat was too much for me! I over ordered. Maybe I should have just settled with 100 grams because with the unlimited cabbage and Japanese rice, over na over lang talaga.

P 420.00 was definitely worth it because this was the only meal I had for that day.

The only thing I noticed with the Robinson's Magnolia branch (service-wise) was it was hard to catch their servers attention even if the restaurant wasn't that full. Yes, they were polite and looked like they were more than happy to serve but hiring more waiters/waitresses to attend to the customers needs wouldn't hurt.

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