Slappy Cakes, SM North EDSA

I've always been intrigued by this new all day breakfast restaurant eversince I saw its Eastwood branch several months back. For experience, sabi nga. 

SM North is becoming a haven for foodies too. Dami na nilang resto! 


For the pancakes, they have their choices of batter, fixins and toppings. 
There's a griddle in each table so you can cook and design your own pancakes, isn't that cool?

 Theirs is non-stick so you need not to put butter while cooking. 
Each table has non-stick spatulas, knives, forks and spoons.
Regular pancake syrup and mango syrup are also available.
You can choose to create sweet or savory pancakes and I preferred the former.

What we had were:

One buttermilk batter (8 oz.) P 225.00
Chocolate Chips P 45.00
Whipped Cream P 40.00
 Below are the products of my side of the griddle:
The interesting part of this meal is also the bummer part for me!

I couldn't even think of a good pancake shape. OMG where are you, creative juices? How can you leave me hanging all the time?

But I made a star, a circle and our favorite emoticon; the grumpy, whatever and bored -_-
This was my first batch of creations in a very very very appetizing plating.
 I just used the whipped cream and chocolate chips as toppings.
According to the person I was with, this is the proper way to cook the chocolate chips and the pancake batter. 

Wait, how can there be a proper way when you are allowed to customize your own pancakes? Tsktsk.

But I liked this better because of the melted chocolate so I made the rest of my pancakes this way.
Only true love can thaw a frozen heart...

Only heat can melt a chocolate chip and cook a pancake batter.
Nye. -_-

Chocolate overload!
Perfect combination for a sweet toothed. 
See, I am so creative.
 My "5" in 15 looked like an "S" and my smiley face which is like one of the easiest design of all looked like a crazy face.

Needless to say, 
Slappy Cakes has brought pancakes to a different level. There's really an added fun factor when you get to cook them on your own plus it's not as expensive as one may think.

An 8 oz. bottle was enough to feed the both of us.

P 310.00 + 10% Service Charge =  P 341.00

Aside from do-it-yourself pancakes they also have varieties of  breakfast meals such as tapa, bacon meals that is available all day long.

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