Paradizoo, Tagaytay

Nasa dulo ng mundo. Hahaha. Mej malayo sa highway eh.

For an entrance fee of 150.00, you get to roam around the whole zoo/farm. 
Is it worth it?

I'd like a fish spa too but when you look at the state of the water.. nah.
Wasn't able to look inside this cafe so I don't know what their offerings are.
Pet Cemetery
Siguro meron 10 pet na nakalibing diyan.
Bee Farm
It's not the honey harvest period yet.
This is how they roll. hahaha
Honeybees busy making honeys. DUH
Was it a wrong season? A wrong day? A wrong time?
Hindi ito 'yung Paradizoo na nakikita ko sa pictures before.

Or kaka-harvest lang nila.. IDK. 

It's not like the whole place is unkempt but there are spots like these (below and above pictures) where you'll think it is. 
This must be the "inifinity pool of positivism"
How can you disappoint me this much?

Akala ko may ducks but I only saw a frog that was so busy sunbathing.
Sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya...

Meron silang kubo then mga posters ng mga gulay na kasama sa kantang bahay kubo.

But then we arrived in this part of the place where you can experience milking a goat for free.
After some instructions from Ate, you're allowed to try it too. Kawawa nga lang 'yung goat but ate assured that it hurt them more if you're not going to milk them. May ganun palang breed?

Also, they sell bottles of fresh goat milk.
And this dog na gusto ko ng i-dognap!!
Apir hindi dila.
Shhh. Kukunin na kita, doggy!!

For people who like a rural/quiet place where you can freely roam around, look at farm animals, plants and flowers, you might want to visit Paradizoo too. It's not bad for P 150.00 though there is definitely a lot room for improvement para hindi nadi-disappoint ang mga visitors or I just had high expectations based on the pictures I saw before.

Then, who's going to have the most fun there? It's the kids. What can be more fun and interesting than experiential/adventure learning? Let them experience the farm. For us adults kasi, seeing fields of pineapple and other veggies is not extraordinary but for kids, they can really learn a lot from Paradizoo. Hindi lang sa 'yung sa Hay Day application sila nakakakita ng farm (ako ata 'yun ah. haha) There's also a petting zoo where they can feed rabbits, deers, goats and pigs. Also, look for guides there because they are knowledgeable enough and  are able explain well. We've only talked to two though, 'yung nag-explain sa bees and 'yung nasa goat milking station.

They have a promo with Residence Inn Mini-Zoo. You'll be getting tickets for both attractions a discounted price. Nakalimutan ko lang 'yung presyo. 

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