Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub Review

 Scrub your way to your softest lips ever.

Here's my review of Tonly Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub; the first lip scrub I've tried kasi babae na 'ko ng very very light. hahahaha

Don't you just hate having dry and flaky lips? I do. I really hate having dry lips and maybe that's the reason why I have acquired the habit of applying lip balms as frequent as I can anywhere and anytime. And, whenever I see someone with dry lips, there's this urge to "donate" lip balm to that person. And if it's someone I don't like, I sometimes reach a point when I think of peeling the flaky skin to make way for bleeding lips, bleeding face and bleeding body! JOKEEE! Baliw at sadista pala. :))))

Here's one product you can use to get rid of those loose and dead skin from my favorite Korean Cosmetic Brand, Tony Moly. 
Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub have a bulky container but it is really cute. The lip shape can automatically give you an idea on which part of the body is this supposed to be used. CORRECT!! This is for your eyes. hahaha. K. Corny.
What it looks like.

Apart from the upper cover, there's still white cover/lid. 

This is sold for P 348.00
And since you only need a little amount, the contents of this container will last you a long time.

This is a cream scrub with fine grains to exfoliate lip though I don't know what those grains are made from. It has a mild scent of apricot or peach. For its taste, although it's obvious that you shouldn't eat nor taste this, it's fine and doesn't taste like chemicals. HAHAHAHAHA. Pati ba naman 'to kinain ko? Maiiwasan mo ba naman kase!

I have tried this two times already;

First when I had chapped lips during the Philippines' colder days and it managed to peel off the dry skin just after a minute or two of scrubbing. 
It's a lot better to remove those peeling skin this way for less pain and to prevent bleeding just in case you can't stop yourself from pulling. 

Second was when I just thought of using this. Without flaky skin, I felt the softening and smoothing of my lips more especially when I woke up.

Take note than even if the grains are fine, don't rub this too hard on your lips unless you want sore and bleeding lips. This is best used at night before going to bed and don't forget to apply lip balms!

But if you're already in the stage when your lip is severely chapped and dry that it rips, cracks or worse bleeds every time you try to smile or talk, treat it by applying lip balm first for a couple of days because this scrub might aggravate the condition leaving you with raw and exposed skin which is very very very sensitive and painful. Ouchie! :'( (You might want to check out Human Heart Nature lip balms link: here. They're all natural! Giving your lips a break from too much chemicals.)
Te, inom inom din kasi ng tubig and stop licking your lips!


There is an instruction that was written in Korean and this is the rough translation: 

1. Using your finger, massage the scrub on your lips for 1 - 2 minutes.
2. Wipe it off with tissue or wash it off with water.

3. Apply lip essence or lip balm after to make it more effective.
O, gusto mo pa ng picture ko nyan?
Ang ganda ganda ko please. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Ayan ang no make-up fez. Kailangan talaga 'yung picture na nagpapacute ng ganyan eh. 
'Cause I'm quite sure Kim Jaejoong has a similar picture when they were still the endorsers of Tony Moly.

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