Be Naughty at Gayuma ni Maria!

That one thing I really love whenever I eat at Gayuma Ni Maria is how they got so creative in naming their dishes. Imagine eating a dish named, Please Be Careful With My Heart.

Tipong pwede kang pumunta dun with someone you love pero hindi mo masabi, "Uy, I love you cross my heart!" Joke. Hahahahahaha. 

First time link: here. 
I wasn't able to take a picture of their whole menu but the two pasta dishes that they have are also good. 

P 235.00

They managed to make this dish more interesting and more put together by including kesong puti. I haven't tasted something similar before. I found this a little bit salty but pairing this with rice with kesong puti was able to somehow lessen the salty taste . 
Boobs ang shape ng rice nila. hahahaha. Kaloka.
Naugthy. Naughty. Naughty
P.S. I noticed though that they now have less food options compared to my previous visit. 

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