Japanese Treats: Lotte Ghana Matcha Sticks

Bought this at Family Mart for I can't remember how much. hahaha.
P 70.00, I think.

This Lotte Ghana Matcha and Milk Chocolate Sticks is the cheapest Matcha something I've bought so far. 
Each box has four sticks of chocolate which has a holder (?)/ a golden foil cover on the top part.
Each stick is a combination of matcha and milk chocolate.

Doesn't it look very appealing?

Being a matcha addict that I am, I found this very very very lacking in quantity. I think I need more than 8 sticks per sitting. Hahahaha. Bitin much. Even if the two chocolates are halved, can't I get a pure matcha stick someday?? Anyway, I found the matcha part just right and it's actually creamy for me but I think most will find it a little bit strong. The chocolate, on the other hand, is definitely creamy with just right sweetness and bitterness to it. 

This chocolate is the right balance of matcha and milk chocolate.

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