Coldstone Creamery, SM North EDSA

My fantasy to eat their Cheesecake Fantasy Signature Creation came true. Hahaha. Maisingit lang.

I first saw Coldstone Creamery in Serendra at BGC. It's located at a corner in Serendra fronting Market! Market! so when you're from Market! walking to Serenda (or vice versa), I bet you've passed by their BGC branch already. The first thing I noticed when I passed there wasn't their ice cream actually but their energetic staff/service. That time, I saw a guy tossing a scoop of ice cream first before mixing it with other add-ons in the "cold stone." Medyo may entertainment value pala dun eh. Uy, kakaibang experience. Then my second "encounter" was in Mall of Asia. That night we had the intention of eating but the place was so packed so we just looked for another place to eat at.

Long story short, I was able to try Coldstone Creamery in their branch closer to home- SM North EDSA.
Sobrang fail lang when he was making my order.

He scooped out the plain cheesecake ice cream, tossed it up in the air but he wasn't able to catch it and that whole scoop landed on the floor. Okay, nanghinayang ako dun ah. So he scooped another one again which he placed directly on the frozen stone,  ayy wala ng show.

Anyway, this is basically how they prepare ice creams with mix-ins. You'll choose your ice cream flavor, your preferred mix-in and they'd prepare it there in front of you.
If you're like me who would rather settle for the sure ball, they have a list of their "Signature Creations" posted on the wall. 

When I was about to get my order from the Ate, she asked me,

"Ma'am, catch?"
Parang ako since hindi ko agad naintindihan, "Okay."

Tas, "Ready na po." As in nakaayos na siyang ipa-catch sa'kin 'yung lalagyan ng ice cream ko.

"Huh? OMG Catch pala. Hindi Ate, abot mo na lang." 

 Natatawa na lang din ako sa sarili ko pag may mga ganyang moments na nahahalata ng ibang tao na hindi ko iniintindi sinasabi nila. Hahahaha. 
Here's my order

Gotta Have It (4th size)
P 198.00

You also have an option to add waffle though obviously I chose not to.

This Cheesecake Fantasy is a mixture of cheesecake ice cream, crushed grahams, blueberries and strawberries.

This one's really good. It's like eating a real cheesecake in ice cream form. Oh diba, ang galing ko talaga mag-explain? haha. Pero seryoso, cheesecake kasi na cheesecake 'yung lasa. Unlike other ice cream shops that are offering cheesecake ice cream only to find cheesecake bits in the ice cream para matawag na cheesecake. In Coldstone, the ice cream itself is the cheesecake. Not to mention that while we were eating, the staffs sang with choreography pa nga. 

Perfect for summer! Malapit na uy!!
Kahit summer weather naman na ang init sa Pilipinas.

P.S. Sana lang may free (service) water.  

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