All Set For Lee Min Ho's Funmeet!

Got my invite and Bench merchandise today.

The supposed-to-be-title of this blog post was, "No more lower box tickets available for Lee Min Ho's fanmeet. I cry. :(" But thankfully I was able to find one this afternoon. As in it's the last available invite in the bench store I went at. 

Lee Min Ho as Global Benchsetter March 2014's Funmeet Mechanics link: here.

I was actually at SM North yesterday but when the cashier was done punching all my items, she told me that there's no more Lower Box invite left and she was recommending that I buy Patron (worth P 1,600.00) instead. It's not an option since I want to stay at somewhere close yet I'm seated so I asked her to just void everything. It's either Lower or Upper Box for me. Pero bet talaga ang lower box. Huhuhu. 

I was so disappointed yesterday and then decided that I shall go to other Bench stores today to look for invites. Ganun ka-adik? I was at Herbench (lesson learned) and asked the cashier first if they had invites, they had none so I left. Incidentally, my friend texted me to ask where I was so I was able to ask her if there's another Bench branch in that mall (Ayoko kasi nagtatanong sa authorities. Hadn't she replied, hindi ko siguro mahahanap) and she told me that there is. I replied, "Pupuntahan na ba kita o puntahan ko muna 'yung sa Bench?" Half my mind wanted to go to her immediately but then the other half (that part which controls my feet) was already making my feet walk. Nagtanong pa 'ko kung hindi rin pala ko maghihintay ng reply. hahaha. 

So there, long story short, I had to visit three stores just to get this invite. Aarte pa ba na hindi bra ang nabili ko? hahahahahahahahahhaha.

Summer na summer lang peg ko.

Flip-flops, neon pink na bag pack, and So Inlove na eau de toilette. :))

Cute din ng design ng paper bag nila, #LiveLifewithFlavor. Yes, Bench. Ang pangit naman ng life pag unflavored. Hindi masarap. Nye. -_-

The Global Benchsetter fanmeet on the 21st shall start at 7:00 PM!

Dear Blogosphere Fairygodmother, kahit isang picture lan
g kasama si Lee Min Ho please! Paki-push! :D :D :D

오빠, 나랑 사진 찍자. 응?

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