Picket Fence, Katipunan

Buti pa kami ng matcha, meant to be forevs. :))

Picket fence has more affordable gelato offerings compared to the others I tried. They even had this eat-all-you-can gelato (June 2014) when we went there but we were too full to avail. We just got two scoops each. Sana isa pang eat-all-you-can, Picket Fence! Para naman matikman ko lahat. hehe.

I don't know the reason behind how their version of matcha gelato got its name but they named it perfectly. 


Makakalimutan mo pangalan mo sa sarap. Tatawagin mo lang ako lagi. Hahaha. Tintintintintin

Rabo Rainbow Gelato
The flavor is vanilla but the colors made it more interesting to try, right?

Eating this suddenly reminded me of an ice cream that I used to buy when I was younger. I tried searching for the name of that ice cream but I couldn't find it. I don't even know how to describe... nilagay ko lang "colorful ice cream in cone-shaped container with bubble gum at the bottom." Okay, so hinanap ko ulit. Google, bakit ka ba ganito sa'kin?! Kailangan mo pa kong pahirapan. Hindi ba pwedeng isang beses lang ako mag-search?  Hahaha.

Anyway, I found "Screwball" which has the same shape. The only difference of screwball and the ice cream of my childhood memories was the latter was rainbow-colored.

If you're looking for a delicious and affordable gelato, try visiting Picket Fence. I'm sure they have other branches in Metro Manila. Meron nga silang stall sa The Block, SM North eh.

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