The Baker's Table, Maginhawa Street, Teacher's Village

Maginhawa street here in Quezon City is  filled with restaurants of different concepts, most of them affordable if not cheap.

I found myself frequenting the area last December which explains why until now, I am still posting backlogs. 
Cakes here at the Baker's Table are inspired by the candies of our childhood.
It was actually my brother's idea to try eating here because of his favorite haw haw candy. He was so curious as to how the candy was made into a cake.
I found the hawhaw cake okay but I liked this more.

Butterball Caramel Cake

Butterball and Hawhaw almost tasted the same just that, I think the cream and butterball taste complemented each other better. Mas bagay sila, ganyan.
Milo Mousse which was too rich for my liking. 
We went there before Christmas that is why we were given a free slice of their Puto Bumbong cake to try. HAHAHAHA. Alam mo 'yung more than one month na pala 'to delayed.

SOBRANG WALA NA KO MASABI, GUYTH. I am sorry that this is of no help. Hindi na nga ko marunong mag-describe, hindi ko pa maalala. :)))

Pero 'yun nga.

Cake? Try Baker's Table. 

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