Pino Restaurant, Malingap St., Teacher's Village

I've been seeing this restaurant for years now since this is in front of the Korean Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant that we used to frequent, Don-Day.

Sobrang unfair para sa mga restaurant na kinainan ko nung Nov - Dec kasi hindi ko sila na-post agad kaya nakalimutan ko na 'yung lasa. HAHAHA. K. Fine. As if may pagkakaiba e hindi pa rin naman ako maayos mag-describe.

This was my order but it was the one I liked the least because it was too spicy and too oily (for me).
The mango bits in the rice made this meal more interesting.
Nakakasuya pag medyo marami ka ng nakain but still better than sisig.
Bagnet Kare-Kare

This was my sister's meal but this is the one I liked best.

The bagnet (it was more like lechon kawali actually) was fried just right that it's skin was crunchy yet the meat was still tender. Although it's not as flavorful on its own, mixing it with the Kare-Kare sauce made it taste a whole lot better - complementing ganyan. I think that it was better that way so as it won't overpower the taste of the Kare-kare sauce. If this actually made sense. :))

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