Katsu Cafe, A Taste of Heaven and Bobo's Pizza at Maginhawa St.

There are lots of restaurants in Maginhawa so it's normal for people to have their 1st round, 2nd round, nth round when eating in the area.
First stop was Katsu Cafe.
I don't remember the exact taste of this meal but I also don't remember liking this a lot.

What I remember is how hard it was to catch the waitress' attention when there are only two tables that were occupied. Mej madaldal si Ate at si someone from the kitchen.
A Taste of Heaven Milkshakes

I didn't like the taste of the milkshake because it was too sweet for my liking.
But strangely, I liked this even though the ice cream they used for this and for the milkshake was the same. 
I know that the name doesn't mean stupid but it really catches attention.  Haha!
I liked their brick oven pepperoni pizza even more after adding salt and pepper because I found it bland at first.

I've actually gone there thrice already so I've also tried Bobo's Special and Quattro Formaggi both of which I liked more than the Pepperoni Variant.

HAHAHAHA. Sobrang mas malala pala pag matagal ng nasa backlog 'yung mga pictures kasi wala na ko masabi. Ayan na nga, wala na. May ma-post lang. May masabi lang. :)))

Try these too when you go on a Maginhawa Food Trip. 

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