Crazy Katsu, Maginahawa St., Teacher's Village

Is a long introduction needed for Crazy Katsu? For most, I don't think so. 

But for my mother who didn't know that it is one of the restaurants in Maginhawa, I still needed to explain when I brought them there... :)

"Ano? Crazy Katsu?"
"Oo nga. Sa Maginhawa."
"Crazy talaga?"
"Maganda naman pakinggan pag crazy. Wag mo lang ta-Tagalugin na baliw... kasi ikaw na 'yon."

HAHAHAHAHA. Yan ah, sa nanay ko pa nanggaling 'yan.

With generous serving and affordable price, this is one of the Katsu restaurants you must try when craving for Tonkatsu yet not prepared to pay  Php 400+ and/or eat unli rice/cabbage. No. Actually, there's no need to compare it to pricier Katsu restaurant because... because. :))))) Laking tulong ko talaga kahit kelan e, noh? Huhu. Sorry na kasi last year pa 'to lahat.

But they really have good food there and although I don't have a picture of it, I like their chicken katsu (chicken katsu nga ba?) better than this. 

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