Mochi Cream Cafe's Matcha Parfait

At first I thought that since Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store, the matcha flavor of their soft-served ice cream would be "irreplaceable". I mean, in a span of one year, they've been pairing it with different flavors until a few months ago when I discovered that the green-colored ice cream they serve is now pistachio instead of matcha. And since that day of discovery, I haven't gone back to Family Mart. HAHAHA. 

So ganun na lang ba 'yun? Pag wala na, hahayaan mo na lang?

HINDI! Naghanap ako ng mga bago. hahaha. #hugot 

Na masarap, na swak sa taste at budget ko and here in Mochi Cream Cafe, I found one possible "replacement". Okay na sa P 100.00 'tong Matcha Parfait nila. Their matcha ice cream isn't that creamy which I like and it has a mild grassy aftertaste which I also like. Oh diba, I like. :))

But when I was looking for a picture online hahahaha


Hindi naman ako mahilig sa red bean pero 'yung totoo? Nasan 'yung topping na mochi saka red bean?

I was okay with the taste, the serving and the corn flakes topping but when I saw that their matcha parfait is supposed to be served with other toppings... HUHU BAKET 'YUNG AKIN, HINDI MAGANDA?!!!!

In despite of this, yes, I see myself returning there especially when there are two branches near me (Trinoma and The Block). Even if I'm trying to reduce my food expenses these days, I still would allow myself a cheat day or two or three, sige na nga, ten just so I can eat matcha-flavored food/drink whenever I crave for it. :)))) #burgis

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