The Vamps in Manila!

One of my girl friends and I have this annual tradition of "dating" every love month, walang lalake eh edi kami na lang. Last January, she texted me if I can watch a concert with her on February 1.

The impulsive me immediately said yes before even asking who the concert artists are.

Nung nalaman ko, "The Vamps? OMG. Sino sila?!" HAHAHAHAHA.

I don't know who they were so I did my homework and listened to them in Spotify for several days before the concert. 

Come Feb. 1, may sakit ako. I forgot that medicines for flu cause one to feel sleepy so I fell half-asleep during the MRT ride from North Avenue Station to Taft Avenue. And what do you expect? Wala na ko sa mood pagdating ko ng MOA kasi kakagising ko lang. HAHAHAHA! 

As I was walking towards Mall of Asia Arena, the fans, who are mostly younger than me, were already freaking out. Was I not just in the mood? Was it because of generation gap? Whatever the reason was, I was still shocked seeing the behavior and the fashion style of the majority of The Vamps' fans. Sana sinabihan din kasi akong mag hanging top at shorts! Haha.:)))) 

While waiting for the concert to start, my friend briefed me with the names of the members and their age.

Upon knowing their ages, "Hala. Hindi ba tayo makakasuhan ng child abuse?" We're not that old. Early 20's pa rin naman kami but the feeling's different when you're watching a band who's younger than you. #tumatandaproblems

It's a good thing that the member I liked the most is in his 20's already so pwede na, hindi na masyadong makasalanan. Hello, Abs. Hello,V-line. Hello, James McVey! HAHAHAHA!  
At the beginning, I kind of felt lost. 'Yung totoo, anong ginagawa ko dito?
After a song or two, medyo napupunta na ko sa mood. Concert mode on, ganyan.
It was really obvious though who my bias is. Hahaha!
We were in the lower box section but it was still far from the stage but even if I couldn't see their faces well, I was only looking at James then. :))))
Used my Sony TX30 for all the photos in this post.
The zoom function of that camera's surprisingly good.
And in all fairness, I was able to go with the flow and sang to some of their songs. Good thing I memorized some of  the lyrics the night before. Hindi ako lost kid! :))
I am a fan now. Hindi hardcore fan but given the chance to watch them live again, I will.

The Vamps doesn't only sing good and catchy songs, they're also excellent performers, and they treat their fans well. I was able to look at James' instagram account and I was surprised to know that he even posts pictures of some fans in his account. And for a fangirl? Aba, dream come true kaya 'yon!

Compilation of the videos I recorded during their concert.

Ka-alternate ng Photograph ni ED Sheeran sa utak ko. HAHAHA.

Somebody to You - The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato

NEXT GOAL: Magpaka-kontesera para makakuha ng concert ticket ni Ed Sheeran on March 12, 2015 or bibili na lang ng Gen Ad. Ubos na raw kasi. Ansakit. </3

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