Cebu 2015 Day 1: Arrival, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Alegre Guitars

This is my first fly-out for 2015. First kasi may second and hopefully may third at iba pa... :D #bakitbalibrelangnamanmangarapsakagustokoulitmakasakayngairplaneatmatuto eh. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hashtag pa more.

This is the first time that I've ridden a plane with this kind of view. The formation of the clouds that morning was more than breathtaking that I was really close to disobeying the rules because the most beautiful clouds I saw was when cameras and other digital devices were already asked to be turned off. I couldn't take the possible risk of not following so I stopped myself and just let my eyes feast on the view I was lucky to have seen. 

The view at first was like flying on top of Mt. Pulag's sea of clouds and after sometime it was like flying on top of cotton-like clouds

Mas magandang version nito: I got this picture from the internet. Credit to whoever owns this.
We were picked up from Mactan airport and immediately proceeded to the Twin City Tour composed of Lapu-Lapu City and Cebu City.

First off, was Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Punta Engano, Lapu-Lapu City.

Built in honor of Lapu-Lapu who is known as the warrior king who killed Magellan during the battle of Mactan in 1521.
In this place was where Magellan was killed as in, dito na dito raw sabi nila. It was said that Lapu-Lapu was the first Filipino who resisted foreign invasion and colonization but the fact that we believed in since elementary is untrue.

Sino pumatay kay Magellan? Edi si... Lapu-lapu.

Hindi daw. The one who killed Magellan was not Lapu-lapu but one of his men. 
Low tide with lots of small crabs, this place is called Magellan Bay where annual re-enactment of the Battle of Mactan (locally called Kadaugan sa Mactan) is held. It was said that during that day, lots of Cebu delicacies are served for free-tasting. Huhu. I want. 
It's not that obvious in the picture but the color of Lapu-lapu's sword is different from the rest of the statue because the original was stolen. Ayan ah, pag sila pinatay ng tauhan ni Lapu-Lapu.

Tignan mo kung gaano kalakas 'yung hangin habang andyan kami. hehe. Sobrang okay din 'yung weather.
Across the shrine are souvenir stalls. Bili na agad agad. Hahaha

Want to go to a Lapu-Lapu Monument but (still) can't go to Cebu? There's one in Rizal Park, Manila.
A lot of establishments are currently being built in the area.

The place (Lapu-Lapu City) became more interesting since they've included the words "historic" and "resort" in one slogan. Considering that this place is rich history and heritage but is also currently going with the flow by developing new establishments such as five star resorts and hotels, I think the branding they thought of is perfect.
Next stop was Alegre Guitars which is also in Lapu-Lapu City.
I learned that the sound produced by guitars vary depending on the design of the woods. Ayun, 'yung mga kahoy.

Cebu is also known for guitars and one of the prominent makers in the area is this Alegre Factory.
The only guitar chords I know are A, B, C, D, E, F, G and the only song I know how to play is "Crazy for You" so I just bought these guitar key chains for remembrance. Aside from the show areas on how they make their guitars, there's also a souvenir area for us who aren't really interested in (buying) guitars but are interested in buying souvenirs just because we're burgis tourists. Hahahaha. Jk. May 3 for 100 sila.

Ayan ah, kung sila nakikipag-date andito lang ako sa internet at naga-update. E may date din naman, pwede na rin. Hehehehe.

Happy Valentine's!!

Kahit mukha akong bitter, hindi po.

Enjoy being single. Wala naman masama dun. Use this time to go places, meet a lot of people ganyan. Aarte pa ba na single kung wala naman forever at maghihiwalay din ang may mga jowa? Hahahaha!! Joooke. Darating din 'yon sa buhay natin. Traffic lang talaga kaya enjoy muna. :)) 

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