Cafe Seolhwa, Forum South Global, BGC

Second time at Cafe Seolhwa link: here.

One way of beating the incredibly hot weather that we're having these days is to eat something cold, right? That's what my friends and I did last Saturday. I haven't been going to BGC for months so it's not surprising that there are a lot of new restaurants to try. One addition to the newly-opened restaurants in the area is Cafe Seolhwa, a Korean dessert shop that specializes in bingsu. 

I have seen posts of Facebook friends dining here at Cafe Seolhwa but it was only when someone posted a green-colored bingsu with red bean that I became so interested. I knew at that moment that I NEED to find Cafe Seolhwa and eat their Matcha and Red Bean Bingsu. If you've visited this blog before, you would know that I am close to being addicted to matcha (close to being addicted lang! iba naman siguro 'yung addict talaga. haha!) that I still went even if this is located in BGC. Time to make new memories there anyway so... :)

Here is their bestseller: Mango and Cheese Bingsu and my ever favorite: Matcha and Red Bean Bingsu

This was the first time I ate bingsu and when I had my first spoonful of Seolhwa's goodness, I immediately asked myself, "Why have I never tried eating bingsu before?" Now, my standard for eating one would be Seolhwa's and I think it would be hard to beat. Do you know other dessert shops that serve bingsu? Tell me please. :) 

The ice was really fine, it felt like I was eating ice cream. 

To my surprise, cheese and mango complemented each other well. It's a flavor combination that was new to me but I liked it a lot.

As for the matcha, hihihi, I love it!!! But it's because I'm into the potent matcha taste that I loved this a lot. I know a lot of people who would rather that the matcha be creamier. I think Seolhwa Cafe should also offer a variant which is a mix of matcha and the milk flavored snow ice (snow ice nga ba tawag dun?) that the cheese and mango bingsu has. You know, for those who prefer their matcha creamy. Matcha talaga priority ko eh. Halata ba? hehehe. 

I really have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to food/ restaurant reviews because I don't know how to critic food. Lagi lang masarap, hindi masyadong masarap, sobrang sarap mga sinasabi ko (HAHA!!!) but I hope to come up with a better post about this cafe in the future. Yes, there will definitely be a next time. <3

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