Cristina Villas Mountain Resort and Hotel, Antipolo, Rizal

'Cause you might hate me for not posting about my resort sooner... ito na siya. :)) Ooops, back to the now, nasa future pa 'yung resort ko. 'Cause you might hate me for not posting about this resort sooner... ito na siya. Being so so so so true to its name (magaganda talaga mga Cristina), Cristina Villas in Antipolo is surely one of the most beautiful resorts that I've been to.

After attending mass at Our Lady of Good Voyage, we drove to Taktak Road and found the location of this resort through Google Maps. It's situated in a mountain side, kaya pa-loob saka pa-taas 'yung daan but there are also signages along the road that's why it was easy to find.

Now that I am posting this here, I feel that I should've done what I always do: taking excessive pictures of everything. I don't have a lot of pictures at Cristina Villas. Bakit? "Hassle magdala ng camera eh. Nags-swimming ako." Akalain mo 'yun, na-hassle pa ko. But this is for your advantage na rin so you wouldn't know what else Cristina Villas has in store for you aside from the pools that I'd show you below. 
5 feet deep with two slides.
Shower room, comfort room area.
Jacuzzi and the slide to the 5 feet deep pool.
Another 5 feet deep pool with slide, there's also a jacuzzi on the side.
On my way to the tree house.
Taken at the zipline area/ tree house.

On the view: 5 feet deep pool, children's pool with slide. There's also another children's pool (two feet deep) near the 5 feet deep pool with two slides. All in all, this resort has 5 pools.

It isn't really that visible in this picture but you can see (smoggy) skylines from the resort.
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Taken at Cristina Villa's infinity pool which was my favorite pool that day. Aside from the cool water, the trees surrounding this place shade the whole area, and there's also a small man-made waterfalls here. 
This is where we stayed at. I don't know what these are called but we rented the one with the "second floor"
It was a surprise that there were only a few people there the day we went.

No other people rented these near our place so I was able to use one on my own. As in dun ako natulog, 'yung iba, kumuha rin sila ng second floor nila tas dun natulog. E kasi nga resort ko 'to diba, kahit isa lang binayaran e nagamit lahat nang libre. HAHA!

I think two reasons for that (konti lang tao) is because it's not that well-known or a lot of people doesn't anymore have this place on their list because it has been in the industry for a long time. Pero personally, I didn't know I had a resort in Antipolo prior to going there. Kulang talaga sa exposure eh.

 Sabi ng mama ko, matagal na raw 'tong Cristina Villas pero nagulat din siya nung pagdating namin e maganda pala dito. You know how those old resorts usually are, diba?

Sometimes being old is synonymous to being ugly but ibahin niyo kaming mga Cristina. Kami pa ba? Habang tumatanda, lalong gumaganda at nag-i-improve. HAHAHAHAHA. Jk. Cristina Villas is continuously renovating and making their resort more beautiful and more relaxing place to stay in yet remaining to be a budget-friendly resort.

I want to go back for a night swimming and/or stay in one of MY (My talaga. Inangkin. haha!) hotel rooms because the resort is overlooking a part of the Antipolo mountains and the Metro Manila skyline. Siguradong mas bet tignan pag gabi 'yung view.

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