Leyte: Day 1, Arrival at Tacloban and McArthur Landing Site

Yolanda. Haiyan. Storm Surge. Tacloban. Donations. Relief Operations. Pope Francis

One and a half year has passed since Yolanda happened... where are they now?

Asked to choose between an Ilocos tour and a medical mission at Leyte, I chose the latter.

But it wasn't an easy decision. Really. Not to the point that I had sleepless nights but it was tough.

Friends vs. Strangers

Leisure vs. Work

Ilocos used to be my dream destination but I was able to go there last 2013 so okay, fine. Tumigil na ko but it wouldn't hurt to tour the place again especially when going back meant creating new memories with different set of friends.

Tacloban, on the other hand, wasn't in my radar. It never occurred to me that I'll have a chance to go there. The opportunity just came all of a sudden. And, even if I were to go, medical mission 'yun eh. Anong gagawin ko?? I am not a healthcare professional and I don't even like the sight of blood.

But I wrote here before that I want to ride an airplane again and that I wanted to make this year less about me and more of others.

Wala kong kaalam-alam sa pupuntahan, ni hindi ko nga alam kung anong gagawin ko dun, at dalawa nga lang sa mga kasama ko 'yung kilala ko, pero para hindi maguluhan ang universe sa kung anong gusto ko, sige, tara, Tacloban it is.

Anyhow, this is my second fly-out for 2015. Hi, Tac. <3

(Baka ito pala 'yung lucky charm... second kasi may third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on fly-outs pa. Malay natin, diba!)

 O ako na magaling, pero nagulat talaga ko sa itsura nitong airport nila. I know for a fact that it was one of the greatly damaged infrastructures in Tacloban because it's near a body of water but airports are the gateways to cities so I feel that they should make extra effort in renovating their facilities. 

It's a good thing that Tacloban Airport was scheduled to have a rehabilitation when we went there. Nabawasan nga kami ng isang araw kasi dahil sa rehabilitation nung airport at buti na lang din, sana nga, mas maayos na.

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Because we were there, we just had to make a quick stop here at McArthur's Landing Site.
We ate at Andok's and beside it is this building that wasn't repaired and still show how great the damage of Yolanda was.

I can not imagine how strong the force was that it was able to do that. I can not imagine how difficult it was for them. I can't help but admire the strength of the people who have survived the onslaught.

But I don't understand....

I am sure that lot of help came pouring in and one and a half year has passed, pero bakit wala pa rin ata masyadong improvement? I don't have pictures of other places but the effects of Yolanda were still evident as if it just happened a few months back. I know that it's not easy to rehabilitate but with that much help that they received, I believe that the people of Leyte deserve better. I know that there's still a lot of room for improvement.

Hindi ko na rin masyado naisip na gusto ko mag-picture, tinignan ko lang hanggang sa nakatulog ako at pag gising ko, nasa Villaba, Leyte na kami.
I only had around 1 1/2 sleep prior to our flight so it's not surprising that I was so sleepy.
I slept the whole travel from Tacloban to Villaba which took around 3 hours. So even if I wanted to stay awake and see sight see, I can't help it but fall fast asleep.

Sabi ko nung hapon na 'yon, "Bakit kaya masakit 'yung ulo ko?"

Nalaman ko na zigzag kasi 'yung daan dahil mountainous area papuntang Villaba tas untog ng untog 'yung left part ng ulo ko sa bintana ng sasakyan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Di ko alam kung matigas lang talaga ulo ko o parang mantika lang talaga ko matulog. 

Anyhow, I arrived there not as a tourist but as someone who's taking part in a medical mission. Huhu. I did it. <3

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