Leyte: Day 1, Medical Mission.



Who would've thought that in this lifetime, I'd have a chance to be a part of a "Medical" Team. 
A lot were already waiting for us when we arrived at the area.

I didn't even notice this when I took this picture but some of them were smiling. Hahaha! If someone took a picture of me while seated there, I won't even look at the camera.
The town of Villaba is a coastal and mountainous town.

I've heard a lot of stories about Yolanda through news reports but it feels a lot different when you hear it from someone who experienced it first hand. Only one died in this area but it was indirect (heart attack) but almost all houses were destroyed. It took three months before electricity supply was restored but until now, they have no proper water line. They still had to get water from the mountain if they can't afford to buy their own water pump. 
Cutie. Haha. A lot of kids went to this part too. I don't know what they're talking about  but it was still better than having no one there with me. Hehehe.

Dito lang may paunti-unting signal so I always went back on this part of the stage 'cause I wasn't able to text my mudra that we were there already. And, medyo nase-sepanx ako sa internet but to no avail, wala talagang mobile data.

On the first day, I helped giving vaccine shots. Give talaga. hahahaha. Alalay lang dun, taga- ng kung ano ano kasi malay ko ba naman sa injection and I was the one who took pictures because documentation was needed. Buti na lang!!! Buti na lang may nagawa kahit konti. 
Natapos din so we rested for a while and I was able to catch the sunset.

Hayyyy, Thank You!!!!

So wala pa kaming ligo at wala ngang running water sa tinulugan namin but luckily, one resident found out that bathing was a problem so she offered her house and let us bathe there. Huhuhu. Buti na lang hospitable ang mga Pilipino.  <3 

When I put here that I want to help other people, I also put that I don't know how or I have no idea on how will I make it happen. After four months since I composed this blogpost (link), I was in Tacloban for a medical mission. Gusto ko pero hindi ko alam kung pano, pero ayan, nangyari. Huhuhu. So far so good tayo ah, 2015. Please continue being my miracle year. <3

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