Cafe Seolhwa in BGC

This is my second post about this Korean dessert cafe in Bonifacio Global City. I posted this because the last time I went there, I had a strawberry bingsu for free. Promote promote din. lolz. It's not free because I blog, it was free because I Instagram. 

Cafe Seolhwa, Forum South, Bonifacio Global City. The building is near The Fort Strip. Oh, you might also want to try Seoul Express (TFS) and O'rice (FSG) for more Korean food experience. :>

Anyhow, it has been more than a month since I won so I am not sure if the contest is still ongoing. Follow @seolhwabingsu and @xtintina sa IG na lang for more details. 'Yung @xtintina talaga nagdala eh. Hahahaha! 

Thank you so much, Cafe Seolhwa! Winning really made my night. It was night time when I found out that I won. Eating made my afternoon. It was a hot afternoon when I claimed this. Bakit ba ang dami kong sinasabi? 'Yung totoo. Hahahaha.

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This was my free strawberry bingsu. I was shocked when Cafe Seolhwa tagged me in a post saying that I won their Instagram contest. I was just mindlessly hashtagging #cafeseolhwa and #seolhwabingsu but it turned out that I sent an entry. Not complaining. :">

We ordered these flavors: Mango Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownie.

You might see me there or you might see my friends there. Basta the energetic bunch who would stay there for several hours during Saturdays. Hehehehe. Infairness naman sa'min, we order a lot kaya keri lang!

If Cafe Seolhwa had a membership card, my friends would have the VVVVVIP card by now. 

And we weren't satisfied with just ordering three flavors, we ordered this economical meal composed of injeolmi bingsu with injeolmi toast. 

Injeolmi, for those who don't know, is one of the variants of tteok a.k.a Korean rice cake. Korean cuisine has many kinds of tteok and a more popular type would be the one used in cooking tteokbokki, the garaetteok. Anyway, what make injeolmi and garaetteok different is injeolmi's coating/gomul and its chewy consistency that can be compared with Japan's mochi

Enough of this culinary lesson because it's not the rice cake that made me want this variant too but the powder. I can't explain the taste, as always, but this is interesting to the palate. hehehehe.

Look at how fine the shaved ice is. Ka-miss pls!! Gusto ko tuloy kumain ulit.
If I were to rank these bingsu, I'd pick this mango cheesecake as my first. (Hindi kasama sa options ang Matcha Red Bean Bingsu ah. Kasi number one talaga ang matcha dito, dito sa puso ko, damdamin ko'y hindi na magbabago. hehehehe)

Strawberry Bingsu and Injeolmi would be tied at second place
Chocolate Brownie would be the last.

More more more. hehe. So far, I've only tried four of the many bingsu offerings of Cafe Seolhwa. Hehehe. I shall return! 

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