Super Duck Modern Tea, SM Cyberwest

I was invited to attend an event here at Super Duck Modern Tea in SM Cyberwest and I gladly said yes. I went not only because it is near (West Avenue, Quezon City) but because I was curious as to how they'd stand out from their competitors.

Remember that time when milk teas were the in thing that milk tea shops were mushrooming everywhere? I do. I do because I went out of my way several times just to buy one. I do because my friends and I went all the way to Greenhills, Ortigas, Makati and Tagaytay just to look for more milk tea shops but that obviously stopped because it wasn't interesting anymore.

Since I've been to a lot, I thought I've seen everything that a milk tea shop can offer but Super Duck proved me wrong. Their offerings are delicious, new, healthy and it felt like this isn't anymore about the hype but something that's here to stay.

1. Super Duck Modern Tea uses cane sugar to sweeten their drinks. Cane sugar is a healthier alternative to table sugar because of its antioxidant contents and its low glycemic index. No worries that your blood sugar level will spike after drinking.

2. They only serve authentic Taiwanese Tea.

3. They use fresh fruits/purèe in their drinks.

4. The prices of their drinks are affordable yet product quality isn't sacrificed.

5. They care a lot about their customer's well-being. It was mentioned that they purify the water they use and that they are also the one making their ice. 

Siguradong malinis at top quality 'yung drinks na maiinom mo. 

6. ANG DAMING OPTIONS. AS IN. DRINKS FOR EVERYONE. Categories are Fresh Flavor Tea, Milk Tea Series, Juices, Yakult Series, Fruitty Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, Smoothies, Premium Milk Tea, Mellow Milk, Nai Kai Series and Unique Blends. Complete Menu link: here.

Ang dami that you might feel a bit overwhelmed when you look at the options but it's also a good thing 'cause you'd be sure that you'd have a drink that would suit you. Don't hesitate to ask for their suggestions!
I was lucky to have tasted most of their drinks. Sa wakas nakatikim rin ng iba at hindi lang ako puro Pearl Milk Tea. 

The one in this picture Passion Fruit Perilla (P 75.00 and P 85.00). Kung ako lang mago-order, hindi ko susubukan kasi ayoko ng itsura pero nagulat ako nung nagustuhan ko 'yung lasa saka gusto ko rin nginunguya 'yung Perilla. hehe. Notice again that the price of the drink is affordable, pwedeng pwede na for a healthier you, diba? Hindi nakaka-guilty sa bulsa at sa katawan kahit mapadalas na naman mag-milk tea.
Some of their Quackers/Snacks

Vegetarian and Halal 'tong mga 'to.

Calamares, Nuggets, Fries and Hotdog. They're all good!
I was busy taking pictures when they said that the quackers are all made from veggie meat so I didn't know it when I first had my bite of this cheesedog. This didn't taste like veggie meat at all. Super like! 
This is the first time that I liked drinking wintermelon milk tea. Sa dinami-rami ng milk tea shops na napuntahan ko na, first time ko lang magustuhan ang wintermelon. 

'Yang may froth sa taas was wintermelon nai kai (P 95.00 and P 105.00). Alam niyo naman, I am not good at describing the taste but I liked this a lot. 
We were also able to taste their Carbonara and Pesto Pasta. Okay din. 
This was the tumbler give-away and the Bailey's Milk Tea that I took home.
Thank you Steve and Dennis for having us. 

Uyyy, ito pa! 

I was surprised because of their cocktail drinks: Heineken Green Tea, Bacardi Cider Juice Pop (not in the picture), Almond Kahlua Milk, Bailey's Milk Tea.  

I am not into drinking liquor (anymore hahaha uyy anymore daw oh) but I liked these drinks especially the Bailey's Milk Tea. Ito 'yung tipong uhaw ka at gusto mo ng lasa ng alcohol o 'yung tapos ka na sa walwal stage (kagaya ko siguro) ng buhay mo pero iba pa rin pag alak 'yung iniinom niyo ng mga kaibigan mo, okay na alternative 'tong mga 'to. Walwal stage talaga description ko. Sorry na, kanto girl eh. Hahahaha! Basta ayun na nga, ang interesting naman e, diba?

Ortigas - Burgundy Tower
ABS-CBN Loop - ELJ Communications, The Loop Food Court
West Avenue - SM Cyberwest (across SM North EDSA, Annex)
D. Tuazon - TCC Building

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