Matcha Treats: Nikko Almond Matcha Choco

Sorry, wallet and body. Hindi ko kinaya ang temptation. HAHAHAHA.

I went to Subic last month. (Zoobic Safari), then we went to Puregold Dutyfree where I found several matcha products and I almost cried. Joke. :)) Grabe. Anda. :( 

Here's my current favorite matcha chocolate from Nikko. Just that, I don't see this in any store here in Manila.

$ 4.58
Don't get fooled by how it's packed. Medyo walang effort, noh? Maibalot lang. 
Caramel coated almond coated in creamy matcha chocolate coated in potent matcha powder. hehe. Ito na puro coated. :))

The matcha chocolate is creamy but the matcha powder tastes grassy that's why I like this a lot. In this small piece of chocolate, you get to taste three flavors - bitter, creamy and sweet. 

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