Negros Occidental Day 1: Arrival

My third fly out for this year is also in another Visayan Island, Negros Occidental. 

We went there to congratulate Negros Island Region. Haha! Wow, ang updated. Joke lang. Pero one thing's for sure, bought on impulse ang airplane ticket. hahaha.  

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on

A photo posted by Tin Gallemaso (@xtintina) on
When you're flying over the Philippines, the majority of the view below are mountains or if not, you'll see forests so when we flew over this, I took pictures because it looked so unique. As soon as I went home, I found out that this is the Semirara Island in Caluya, Antique, Panay Island. The reason why it looks like that is because of the existing mining activities. Haaay. It's not like I can stop their operation but I hope that this is the last time that I see any place that look like this here in the Philippines.

#Europe2024 or sooner. :)))
O diba, hindi pa tapos dito sa Negros Occidental e Europe na agad nasa isip ko. Hahaha

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