Zoobic Safari 2015, Subic

Zoobic Safari is under the same group as Tagaytay's Residence Inn and Paradizoo. Even if I've already gone to the two, I was still looking forward to going here mainly because of the tiger safari ride.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and footwear when you're going here. 

Here is the map of the zoo. 
We waited for a bit here at the reception area.
Zoobic Safari guided tour lasts for around two hours. The zoo is huge so a tour guide is really needed plus visitors would also learn more that way.
You'll see a lot of signs like this is the zoo. It was so pun reading them all.
I've seen tigers in several zoos before but they're all caged and felt tamed but being able to experience this ride somehow scared me. I hope they are not starving these tigers just to elicit that kind of feeding behavior. 'Cause one thing I noticed is that tigers here in the tram ride are way thinner than those caged tigers from the close encounter.

Anyway, this tram ride is the highlight of the tour and the most memorable part for me. 
Just like our finger prints, it's impossible for them too to have similar prints.
We were shown dances performed by our Aeta brothers.
They aren't waiting for food. The reason why crocodiles often have their mouth open while sleeping or resting is to let the heat out. Crocodiles have no sweat glands so opening their mouth while at rest is a way to thermoregulate. 
Here is Zoobic Safari's current rates.

There is definitely a lot more to see than what I've included here. I just posted pictures of the tour highlights for me.
This is one of the cages from the close encounter area where we also got scared.

One tiger was roaring so loud at the tiger caged beside it because it didn't eat all the food. Sinasabi siguro nung tiger, "Kainin mo 'yaaaaaaaaaaan!!!"

Here's an instagram video I posted. I recorded the video while on the tram ride.

Dahil dyan.... Universe, dalhin mo ko sa Calauit Island ng Coron, Palawan o sa Chiang Mai, Thailand someday. Hihi. Giraffe, elephant at zebra naman plezzzz. Edi wow. Hahahaha.  

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