Twin Peak Day Hike: Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang-Banoi, Rizal

I didn't log the transportation expenses of this hike especially because I didn't expect that it will take me this long before I'm finally able to blog about my first Twin Peak Day Hike which are Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Hapunang-Banoi. Nalimutan ko na tuloy pero definitely less than 500 PHP. (We're from Tandang Sora)

This could be a triple peak day hike if you can include Mt. Binacayan or a pentalogy hike with Mt. Sipit-Ulang and Mt. Ayaas. I don't have the confidence (yet!) to join a pentalogy any time soon though I've climbed all five already on different days. (Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Ayaas Twin Peak Dayhike will be posted sometime in the future!)

I also don't have the number of our guide but his name is Jeric. Maybe you can just look for him there. 

And as usual, I'm too stressed out to take pictures of the trail. 

Buti pa this dog. Sleeping lang.

I don't really get why I'm choosing a day long hike over sleep, over food trip and over updating this blog. Chos! It took me several months before finding my hiking buddies. All thanks to my fellow Team Aldous Blogger, Issa! <3

One of the picture spots in Mt. Hapunang Banoi. haha! We were to tired to continue the trail so we rested for a while and found a big rock where we took pictures with. 

Hikes and Selfies. <3

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First peak for that day. 

The trails of both Hapunang - Banoi and Pamitinan had big limestone rocks with sharp edges that's why both mountains are challenging. I wouldn't dare hike without hand gloves.

We went back to the junction where we took our lunch. I bought myself a Chicken Mcdo but hiking lunch is much better with a canned tuna, HAHAHAHA. 

After resting for a bit, we continued hiking to Mt. Pamitinan.

The trail was also challenging. The rocks were not as sharp as those in Hapunang Banoi but the trail felt much steeper. As in, everytime na titingin ako sa trail na pataas, napapabugtong-hininga na lang ako. Ano 'to, bes? Walang hanggan? Buti pa 'to walang hanggan. Chos! 

There's this picture spot before reaching the peak and we had to wait there for an hour just so we can have our own "kodak moment."

While waiting, we overheard a group of firstimers and one said, "Sa susunod, mag Enchanted Kingdom na lang tayo." HAHAHA! Nako, ate! 'Yan din sinasabi ko lagi pero lagi pa rin akong napapadpad sa bundok. 

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This is the rock where almost all "buwis-buhay" pictures in Mt. Pamitinan are taken. 

We then proceeded to the summit and in there was the group who took forever while taking pictures with the rock earlier so we decided to skip taking pictures in the summit 'cause we wanted to go back to Q.C by 4 PM. 

That is Mt. Binacayan. HAHAHAHAHA.

"Sa susunod dun naman tayo..."


Isa rin ako eh. >.<

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