USA 2016: Disneyland, LAX to DBX (Emirates Airline)

Good thing Disney Paradise Pier Hotel has a shuttle to Los Angeles Airport so I rode that. It costs $30 but the driver dropped me off exactly at the gate of Emirates Airlines - No hassles. 

HAHA. Imagine that I was feeling down while I was within the compound of the "Happiest Place on Earth"

The last time for that journey that I passed through the Interstate. If I were to rank the places in California by that which I like the most, it's San Francisco - San Diego - Los Angeles. Seriously left big pieces of my heart in Las Vegas and San Fo. <3

I cried.

Does it make sense that I cried?! HAHAHAHA.
As soon as I was walking to enter the airport, tears were falling. As I sat down waiting for the baggage check-in counter to open, I was crying too. HAHAHAHA. K, Tin. Last mo na 'yon.

I got there a little bit early for my flight so I looked around the airport first. Will this be my lucky charm to London?? haha!

I still feel awkward though whenever I take selfies and I'm alone but I'm trying to get used to it. I might get myself a better camera or phone for selfies just because. hehe. 

Bye, America!

I lost that bag tag already but it was, indeed, a lucky trip for me.


Emirates' Menu for that flight. It's a fifteen hours flight. Tbh, I need more getting used to with the smell of their food but those I had were all good. The whole flight was very comfortable. No wonder Emirates Airline is the number 1 airline. 

I was in the window seat though I practically had no window of my own. The cabin lights were off almost the whole flight anyway and it's sunny outside so no one of those from the window seat left their window open. I'm just glad I had this much legroom and I didn't have to excuse myself whenever I stand or go the restroom.

Got used to the lasinggera lifestyle, I needed to ask the stewardess for some Baileys and some wine so I can sleep on the flight. hahaha. Of course, same as my flight LAX, Lloydie was there with me. 

Also, there's wifi onboard for this flight so that made it more enjoyable. I mean, I was tweeting, talking to friends, and posting things on Instagram while up in the air. I even told someone that I was already in Russia. Hahaha! They thought that it was a stop-over in Russia when the reality was I sent that message while flying over Russia.

I was there looking at that view for a lot of times too. hehe! I'll miss you, Bellagio. You were the first hotel I visited in Las Vegas after all. 

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