USA 2016: Disneyland + Disney California Adventure Park, California

Disneyland a.k.a The Happiest Place on Earth

I don't know about you but I'm not one of those kids who dreamed of going to Disneyland. haha! But it still was amazing that I was able to go here once in my lifetime (or twice, or thrice) Given the chance to choose between an amusement park and a National Park, I'll choose the latter every single time. But heck, I'm in Anaheim, California with free Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park tickets so why not go?! Aarte pa, Tin?

Hong Kong Disneyland nga lang dati parang napaka-impossible na isipin eh. <3 Thank you, universe!!!!

This day was when I got darkest! Sobrang intense ng tanline ko after even if I applied sunscreen. 


And I'm not into movies so hahahaha I enjoyed the rides but it would have been better had I known the references.

This was my second favorite ride. HAHAHA!!! I can ride this for more than 10 times I swear. 


I miss my necklace though. 

Straight outta cars movie.

Was too shy to ask them to take pictures of me! hahahahaha! Okay lang, selfies. Give me a new phone, life.

Because I'm in the happiest place on earth! <3

My favorite ride!!

I can ride this for more than 100 times. It felt like flying in the galaxy. I was told that the theme changes so I felt kind of lucky that it was Star Wars themed that time. 

Fireworks display to mark my last night in the United States of America. </3

I should have taken a picture in the morning before my face got too oily. HAHA

Just wanted to show you the starbucks logo right there. 

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