USA 2016: Seaworld, San Diego, California

ANO NA MGA, BESTIE!? Never na ko nakapag-update. Huhu. I'm so sorry, the past few days have been extremely busy and spontaneous. 


I believe that a tourist shouldn't miss a Seaworld trip when in San Diego. Albeit some issues and environmental concerns because of training the supposed to be wild animals, 

Killer whales are the main attraction of Seaworld. 

Those who stay near the pool are expecting to get wet because of the splashes so we opted to stay in one of the higher seats. 

Bamboo sharks are okay to be held. 

Before exploring the rest of the park, we rode this revolving ride so we were able to see most of San Diego. 

Their sealions are big! haha!

I'm not into watching movies so I didn't get a lot of tv program references during the show but it was fun the watch nonetheless.

They said penguins only have one partner for the rest of their lives. Huhu. Where's mine, universe?

They are penguins too. 

I really looked like a tourist in San Diego. haha! With the hat,shades in all. When almost everyone was feeling the heat, I was still wearing my jacket. HAHAHA! Don't know if I felt kind of cold or just used to wearing it. :))

I'll see you again, United States of America!

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