USA 2016: Back home! DBX - MNL (Emirates Airline)

Flying with Emirates is very comfortable even if you're just in an economy class seat. I would love to fly with them again someday... to Dubai and Europe, perhaps? Since most of the people I flew with, if their destination wasn't the Middle East then it was somewhere in the continent of Europe. 

I wasn't able to request for a seat though since all the flights were full but thankfully, I was given an aisle seat. It was still better than to stay in the middle and excuse myself whenever I wanted to go stretching or to the restroom. 

Even so, I was really tired since I barely slept that night and I was nearing more than 24 hours of consecutive sunlight and then I had an 8 hour lay over in the airport. I know the feelings are in my Instagram posts 'cause that was where I poured out all the pain and all but I'm over that now so I'd rather not post those here again. haha!

You can find a lot of products for sale in Dubai Airport. Pero diba, life. At least naka apak ng Dubai. Haha! I bought walnuts for my mom and chocolates for my sister. Iba pa rin syempre pasalubong kung from Dubai. hehe

We were given free food vouchers by Emirates. I didn't feel like eating so I chose Costa in hopes that they serve matcha but all they had was the plain tea soooo...

Got used to being alone already. Hahaha! Pero seryoso, one change is that I am now at ease even if I'm alone in an unfamiliar place. Someday, I'll travel alone too. :D

I took this picture but there's an English translation that flashes in the screen too. It took a while before they released the terminal and gate number of our flight. Arrived there past 8 PM and my flight back to the Philippines was 3:40 AM. That much change of timezone but my body didn't feel jet lagged at all. 

I had to ride this train to transfer to another terminal while carrying my heavy backpack plus the new souvenirs I bought but I'd love to do that over again. :))

After 8 hours, it's home. <3

I felt kinda weird, really. All I know is that I want to leave the Philippines again. 

What a way to welcome me, Manila. haha! It took us six hours to drive from NAIA to Home. Haaaaay. Traffic is getting worse and worse.

Thank you, Las Vegas! You'll always be my home away from home. 

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