Dear 2017,

Let me fall in love once more.
Allow me to desire and find my way to permanence.
Ayoko na ng fling. 

Ayoko na ng temporary.
Ayoko na ng pastime.

Hindi 'to sa lalake ah!! Sa lahat ng bagay.

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2016 was indeed a year for me when it comes to all sorts of adventures. However, days were lived with the thought that everything is temporary. Too much for trying to live in the present that I think I've forgotten how it's like to plan for the future once more. I think with me wanting to make the most out of those days, I overdid a lot of things. For kwento, I have a lot. For something that'll benefit me in the long run aside from the places that I saw, nothing much. Okay na tayo, life eh. Anyare na naman???

Hay... Dear 2017, let me fall inlove once more.

with the beauty of everyday

with the plans of wanting to live a better future
with blogging (huhu! Obvious naman na hindi ko na-update 'to ng maayos. Kaya lang madaming post kasi naka-schedule na 'yun lahat at nagawa ko most ng posts nung July pa. Kagaya na lang nung flight ko pabalik galing States na nag-publish lang nitong December hahaha!)

Let me fall in love once more with everything that will lead to permanence. Di ko rin alam actually meaning pero 2017 is the year that I'll desire permanence, possible naman e diba? Kung di man permanence, dun ako sa bagay o mga tao habang iniisip na tatagal at hindi pang two months, three months ganyan. Oh well papel.

Daldal ko na naman sa instagram these past few days kasi naman hindi na nga ko nakakapag-blog. Andun, 'yung blogger in me, everyday nasa Instagram kahit napakarami ko ng dapat i-post dito. LUH

Tara! Teka, ilang miles muna iha-hike? Basta malapit lang 'yan. Baba na. . . . And so we had no choice but to trek. Turns out that the "Shet! Ang sakit talaga ng pwet ko!!!!" trek (Nadulas ako a day before) will lead to the most magnificent view that I saw this year which is this #canyonoverlook at #zionnationalpark That #utah trip @emperaltaa and I tried to avoid (reasons now forgotten😜) brought us to that place that literally and figuratively took our breaths away. My favorite out of all the #USnationalparks that I've been to so far I guess that's life reminding us we will never be 100% ready for anything but we can always try and take those first steps. There will always be surprises along the way even during the most tiring and trying times afterall. 😍 May we always have the strength and courage to go on even if it may feel like nothing is working out. Ready na, 2017! ❤ #mountain #canyon #nature #landscape
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Let me fall in in love once more with those millions of little things which will lead me to that which I truly love, desire AND DESERVE. 

Wag tayong palingon-lingon, Tin! Sa mga bagay, tao at gagawin na wala naman bearing! Tiwala lang!!!!!!!! Pahabain ang attention span. Matutong kumapit.

Claim pa rin ng claim, 2017!! Di ko naman alam gagawin pero I know, you'll be more amazing than my 2016! :)

God bless.

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