Playa La Caleta Waterfront Estates, Bataan

Nakakainis, Tin. Bakit mo pa inuna 'tong i-post? :(( Sorry na puowzh. Update ko naman na 'to as frequent as I can in the coming days to lessen the backlogs. :(

I heard that this was featured in the program, "Byahe ni Drew" so here's our version of our Bataan Adventure in Playa La Caleta. <3

Just in case you, guys, are looking for a budget-friendly beach near Manila and/or looking for more details about the said place, here you go! In our case, budget-friendly na nga, felt like a private beach resort pa. Hihi. 

We initially didn't want to go but that morning around 10 AM, all of a sudden, we were like "Ano? Hihintayin daw tayo hanggang 12 kung pupunta tayo", "G ako kung G kayo." "Tara." 

Packed the things that I thought I'll need, headed to our meeting place, went to the bus station.

Aside from it being in Bataan, I don't have an idea on where we were going nor what to expect for the next two days.

Pictures naaaaa.

After a bus ride to Bataan and a jeepney ride to this beach, we rode a boat to Playa La Caleta. 

I honestly don't know which route we took but you may look into the directions to Las Casas 'cause it's in the area. 

This is where we slept for that night. <3 Bes, ang ganda!!!!!! I wasn't expecting this 'cause I thought we were just pitching tents. By the way, no signal for globe subscribers in Playa La Caleta but worry not since you'd have a lot of activities to do. 

We weren't prepared. HAHAHA!

We were only able to bring three cans of tuna, three fuji apples, and skyflakes. Good thing that they have their sari-sari store there. All items are surprisingly reasonably-priced. As in, walang kahit anong pakiramdam na overpricing. Hindi masakit sa puso. Hihi. Pero syempre mas maganda pa rin kung baon kayong matinong food kasi natikman namin lahat ng delata sa outing na 'yon. 

Playa La Caleta Rates

I don't have their contact numbers. Laking tulong ko, noh! I'll try to become a better blogger this year. Trust me on this. :)

 We ate dinner. Did what we initially wanted to do, stargazed by the shore and after a while decided to swim even if it was dark.

I won't trade a night of stargazing while floating on the ocean for any other kind of night out. (Well, except for more stargazing elsewhere perhaps.) I know how to swim and I'm not terrified of the ocean (surprising) but I was kinda scared that night because we had no source of light aside from the moon and the stars... still that moment is something I'll treasure. Wala. Ansaya. Something I've always wanted to do. 

After washing up, I went back to the shore, laid there for some minutes while looking at the stars. Huhuhu. First time being in a dark place (almost alone 'cause my companions were by the cottage) and yet I felt so comfortable and safe. Listening at the sound of the ocean, looking at the night sky filled with stars while feeling the salty and chilly air blowing is one of my definitions of the word LOVE. Grateful to the universe for making me feel this love countless of times.

We wanted to wake up early and catch the sunrise but aside from the mountain blocking it, it was a cloudy morning. lol. hahaha. We kind of slept in. 

Hammocks and Gazebos <3

Our view that beautiful morning. 

The more beautiful me while looking at the beautiful view. HAHA

Me from afar.

If you can notice me sitting by the shore.

We were supposed to trek to a nearby falls that morning but the plan didn't push through because there was no guide that time.

Playa La Caleta and Miguelito Island

It's an estuary!

This is where the fresh water from the falls flow and combine with the salt water of the ocean. 

We walked towards the other end of the cove where it was rocky and filled with snails that know how to play dead whenever they sense someone walking towards them. As in. Nakakatuwa how they detach from the stone and fall off to the ground once you go near them. hahaha!

I have no idea what it is but I've decided that it'll be for keeps. <3

They rented a frisbee and played while I decided to go for a morning swim 'cause I hate running at ayokong naghahabol. HAHAHA. Charu!! Aside from frisbee, boomerang, balls, floaters, you can also rent a kayaks and paddle boards there. 

Selfie while enjoying the water all by myself. 

Good thing it wasn't rocky and there weren't a lot of fishes so it felt safe to swim even if I was alone. 

Yay! I've always wanted to have a picture like this!! HEHEHE!

My friend and I were having a heart to heart talk while sitting on those (they had two) when our companions called us to go to Miguelito Island. 

So ito 'yung way. Kawawa but sturdy my Havaianas flipflops pero tribu or any hiking sandals na next time. 

She was the tide, always drifting in and out of the lives of those who loved her, eternally indecisive, unable to discern whether she desired the solidity and safety of land, or the wild freedom of the ocean.

It's a good thing that it was cloudy that day because the walk to the island was kinda long. 

Island na hindi mukhang salbahe pero salbahe HAHAHA


There's this mini lagoon where we dipped our feet for a while and there were sea urchins there. After swimming at a lot of oceans and seeing several sea urchins, may mukha pala sila? :))

I wasn't intending to post this picture so there's no watermark but I just wanted to show you where the picture of the sea urchin was taken. Sila naman nagsabi na keri lang ilagay mga fez nila. Kk

There was a trail so we went up but it wasn't leading anywhere but the view area so we went down again. Supposedly, the island is a backtrail but the "hiker" in us decided that it'll be a traverse. Huhu. Konting sugat lang naman dahil sa gasgas sa corals at sa mga batong dinaanan makapag-traverse lang.

There were a lot of fishes in this area but the water was shallow and the waves were strong that's why snorkeling wasn't a good idea. May mga sea urchins din kasi. Konting bugbog lang, friends. We survived naman not unscathed nga lang. Tipong malapit ka na sa shore, hahampasin ka pa ng alon e mabato nga. 

Barangay Mababang Uri pala ang naninirahan sa Miguelito Island.

Mga pinakamababang uri ng starfish daw 'yang mga 'yan.  Pero grabe, black brittle starfish naman. 

Decided to "cliff dive"

It looks shallow but the water then was deep. Di na ko nakakaapak sa sea floor. 


QUESTION: SAN NAKAKABILI NG OH MY ULAM NA DINAKDAKAN VARIANT?! ANG SARAPPPPP!! Seryoso, hindi lang dahil gutom kami niyan, ang sarap talaga! I've been looking for that in all groceries I've gone to but until now, wala ko makita. Huhu. Life, para naman may options kami pag nagha-hike. Mukha kasing may forever na kami sa tuna. 

Awww, bye Playa La Caleta!!!! I'll see you again soon. <3

Aside from the more obvious tanline, mukhang okay naman decision na mag beach. :))) lol.

Pauwi na from my last getaway for 2016. <3

Photo ops while waiting for the jeep. 

Chill. Ako 'yan.

Last but not the least...

"She's waiting for her prince eventhough she's the wicked witch."


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