Day 1: Nangaramoan Cove, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

This will be just the photos I took during our 3D/2N in Cagayan, August of last year. Time flew so fast that I'm only posting this now, January 2017. K. 

Itinerary and Budget Breakdown: here.
Callao Cave 2017: here.

That was 14 hours of bus travel from Cubao to Tuguegarao, 2 hours of FX travel, and roughly an hour of waiting, negotiating for a tricycle ride, and travel to Nangaramoan Cove. Making the whole travel more or less 17 hours. :D Masaya naman, I love long rides so I didn't mind. 

I got kilig when I saw these signs. Umabot na ko ng Tuguegaraooooooo! 

We were thinking of going to Anguib Beach (one of the coves in Sta. Ana) but they told us that it's cheaper to stay in Nangaramoan Beach (the other cove) and so we were like, "Sige po, dun na kami sa mura."

We started from 1,000 PHP and we closed the deal at 500 PHP. This room can accommodate until 4 persons but we were only two so we had to bring the price down to that we can afford. 

Thing here is we were both unprepared.

We don't have any food and drink with us. We went there only with hopes that there will be canteens or restaurants where we can eat at. 

Walked along the shore first before looking for a place to eat. <3

SUPER GANDA!!!!!!!!!

There are only two places you can eat at when you're in Nangaramoan. This (tatay's) or the restaurant which is expensive, I tell you. My first time trying out Batil Patong. I loved it!!!!! Sarap ng luto nila. Sobrang busog!

Tatay (owner) was like the leader of the place. It seemed that he knows every resident there, They report to him who lost a customer because of their poor bargaining skills and all. hahaha! My friend and I were talking about Palaui and how it's impossible for us to visit the island because of budget constraints and Tatay told us that we can still island hop and visit the mangrove for P 500.00 and we were like, "SIGE POOOOO!"

This is a part of our cottage that we weren't able to make use of. 

The cottages reminded me of the town in El Nido. 

Yay for this P 250.00 boat ride seeing the rolling waves of the... Pacific Ocean? :))) 

17 hours of travel? Walang makain? I forgot about all of those when I saw this view. <3

Nasa dulo na naman ako ng Luzon!!!!
Saud Beach ay dulo rin ng Luzon pero Ilocos Region ang sumasakop. Link: here. 

Left cove, we were able to visit the next day. The one in the center of the picture above is Nangaramoan. 

El Nido feels talaga as in! Except Nangaramoan is serene and not crowded. 

Usually when people go to this side of Luzon, they'd usually go to Palaui Island. 

We then arrived at the mangrove area. This is a project of DENR. 

Mangrove Tour <3

May gwapo?! Kaso gwapo rin hanap. Chos!

This place is nature at its finest. It was raw. OMG. I loved every minute that I spent in Nangaramoan. Although it's not solo traveler friendly because it's expensive, it's a place where you can unwind and like runaway to for a while just so you can forget and spend days away from people. 

They brought us to this part near Anguib Beach. Para daw masabi naman na nakarating naman kami ng Anguib. hahaha! 

It may be rocky but just look at how clear the water is and how white the sand is. 

Kung meron ka man matutunan sa picture na 'to is to always wear sunscreen. Protect your whole body and not just your face. HAHAHA! 


After 30 minutes of taking pictures and swimming, we rode the boat again and went back to Nangaramoan. 

Always my happy pill.

Vitamin Sea. HEHEHE.

We swam for a bit after going back to the cove. Spent the night by the shore while drinking beer. <3

It was so quiet but unlike the one in Playa La Calete in Bataan, the night in Nangaramoan was too cloudy that we didn't see the light from the stars but from lightnings. 

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