Callao Cave, Penablanca, Cagayan

This place was what made me go to our Nangaramoan and Tuguegarao escapade last year. Hahaha!

Itinerary and Budget Breakdown: here.
I'll post the beach in Nangaramoan soon. 

This, I think, marks the end of my John Lloyd Bucketlist. When I get to re-watch all their (Bea) films, I'll look into more places.

Pasig Ferry and Alabang Town Center are not blogged.

Petronas Towers
Bellini's Cubao

Definitely more places to explore in the North of Luzon. Soon, Babuyan Island. Soon, Batanes!


Pinas muna! Hoping to see all 81 provinces in the Philippines.

Nangaramoan Cove is in Sta. Ana so we rode an FX to Penablanca. Bes, gusto ko 'yung whale at dolphin watching! 

There are two options getting here. One is to ride a boat and cross the Pinacanauan River and one is to ride a tricycle straight to the visitors' admission. 

Mawala na lahat, wag lang lipstick, noh? Hahaha! 

After 184 steps...

Reached the cave.
I remember in my history that the Tabon Man in Palawan is the oldest but out guide here in Callao said that if proven, Callao Man is older. 

So ito 'yun!!!! 'Yung mga walang forever, hanggang tingin lang muna tayo. Hehehe! 

Divine Chamber 

There are seven chambers by the way, I just forgot the names of each. 

I was reminded a lot of the Underground River in Palawan while inside Callao Cave. 

I was humid that day, sobrang pawisan. 

It would have been better if the sun beam is seen while walking inside the cave but that was cloudy day. 

This is probably that part of the cave where the rock formations look like ice creams. 

Buti pa 'to, may puso. 

Can you identify which of these rocks look like Singapore's Merlion?


That's the river and can you notice the white rock?

Pena means rock, blanca means white.

Down the stairs and back home we go. </3

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