Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Cave Cliff Diving at Marcos Island

Marcos Island is by far the best of all the islands we went to at the National Park.
Look at the sand.

There's also a shaded area underneath those limestone rocks should you not want to get tanned skin but I don't think that's possible in Hundred Islands though. Ang itim ko lalo sobra after. Haha.
We went up thinking that the cave swimming was only like the one in Wonderful Cave, Bolinao link: here.
Upon seeing this, I think I've found another activity I liked.

More cliff jumping and/or canyoneering activities for me, yes universe?
It's not your ordinary cave swimming since it is a cave cliff diving area.

Not sure about how high and how deep this is but it wasn't that scary... or was it? No life jacket, no jumping is the policy so I think it's relatively safer. 
Once you jump, the only way out was to swim back to the shore. 
Ngiting tagumpay. HAHA

The only time I shouted was when Kuya threw my camera in the water - that was my mini heart attack.
Good thing binuhol niya sa tsinelas ko so it floated.
Clear water but the waves were kinda strong in this part. Had a difficult time swimming back to the shore because of the waves.
Meron naman hesitation before the jump... 
 "Gano kalalim?"
"Okay lang ba kahit anong klaseng talon?"

Hay buhay... sana ganyan lang lagi ako, hindi nagpapadala sa takot. HAHA!

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