Day 2: Nangaramoan Cove, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

2nd morning in Nangaramoan <3

We woke up early to catch the sunrise but what were we expecting? Like the sun to rise from the North? HAHAHA. Not only was it so cloudy but the mountains blocked the East side of the cove. 

Sunrise appreciation pose. Charot!

'Cause someday, I'll see the sunrise in Batanes. 


It was low tide that morning and waves aren't high and strong when near the shore. I am not sure why and how but there seems to be a natural barrier somewhere where the rolling waves break. 

After buying Milo from tatay, we decided to explore the side of "the sleeping giant" because the tide was low. We weren't able to tell them what we wanted for breakfast so it was Batil Patong again for that morning. No complains though. Sarap talaga!

Ito, bes!
Mukha siyang giant monster, diba?  Nakadapang monster.

The only thing that separates me and San Francisco, California is this body of water called the Pacific Ocean. Simulan ko na ba? Hahaha!

Kahit saan man tayo umabot. 
'Yung hindi kailangan matapos.


Part of the beach where the waves break. We tried walking to that part but it was kind of scary especially 'cause we didn't know where the shallow part of the beach ends. 

I fell in love with your flowers, not with your roots. So when autumn arrived, I didn't know what to do. I fell in love with your waves, not with your sea. So when the water diminished, I did too.


Tourism activities aren't yet fully maximized in Nangaramoan but it's worth noting how these reminders are posted in each cottage. Way to go, Nangaramoan! Always for sustainability. <3

This is our cottage which we rented for P 500.00. The only time we were able to make use of the first floor was while waiting for the tricycle to pick us up.

Rode a tricycle back to the FX station

Back to Tuguegarao and off to our next adventure: Callao Cave

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