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Fried Chicken
Orange Juice

Bes, 2017 na! 'Yun pa rin handa mo? 

(Nagkatawanan lang kasi kami ng friend ko dahil meron kaming spaghetti at chicken, kulang na lang ng Tang orange para classic na classic. Haha!)

Buti na lang may Party Toques na so you can enjoy gourmet food for your to-go/take-out/party platter needs. :)) 

This sushi platter is a set that even my mom who is not a fan of sushi can enjoy. The two sushi rolls on the right are fusion of Japanese and Filipino. 

I don't know but last year, I found myself going to Mediterranean restaurant more but it wasn't all the time that I liked my order. I love Party Toque's version of Kebab especially the garlic sauce that comes with it. This, I will  definitely order again soon. 

Just when you thought party platters are so simple and boring, you'll see those prepared by Chef Rob Lau.

This salmon was also a favorite that night. Made more interesting with all the veggies and bonito flakes on the side. 

While I am not a person who can tolerate spicy food that much, I went back to the buffet table twice for this, their version of Chicken Biryani.

Don't you just love the food presentation? Ang saya na tignan, ang saya pa kainin! No joke. We all know how party trays can get so lungkot during house parties. 

Desserts for that night.

The last three pictures are desserts that are new to me.

They're called serradura, also called sawdust pudding, a well-known dessert in Macau. 

Oreo and Chocnut

This was my least favorite out of the three serradura served that night. But this was also tasty, I am just not a fan of oreo. 

Black Sesame and Mango 

At first I tasted the burn Black Sesame and then it was followed by the sweet taste of the pudding and the mango. This is a perfect combination that will surely be loved y by everyone especially by those who aren't too fond of sweet desserts. 

Green Tea and Hojicka


This could feel like I'm biased since I love matcha but I really liked this one. The taste of matcha was there but just enough to be enjoyed by those who aren't really a fan and craved for by those who are matcha addicts. I'm definitely ordering this from them some time in the future if I'll host a party. Alam mo 'yun, party with me, myself and I. 'Cause I won't share. HAHAHAHA. 

Headed by Chef Mike Toledo, Party Toques promises to give your celebrations unforgettable taste and make lasting memories with your loved ones. Party Toques food platter is perfect for all types of occasions like baptism, baby showers, birthdays, family lunch/dinner, reunions, intimate gatherings of friends, barkada get-togethers or holiday feasts.

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Thanks Aldous and Party Toques! 

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