The Station, Maginhawa: Dona Levita

Donya Levita offers Filipino food at The Station. 

We were able to taste this sisig and their cheesy tahong/tahong with cheese which I loved so much.

My alcoholic self would advice you to get yourself a beer and eat this very delicious sisig from Dona Levita but I don't have an alcoholic self so my social drinker self would just advice you to get rice to pair this with. Char. :))) Sarap kasi i-ulam! :))

 It's usual for me to order sisig anywhere though so what I said above is not surprising. This one's new though, baked tahong. For given the two options, I'd usually go for sisig. But it's kind of different with this food stall 'cause I found myself reaching out for this Baked Tahong more. It's perfectly baked that you'd not taste the "lasang dagat" (if this explains it) with perfect amount of cheese in each. 

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