Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle (Summer Rescue Conditioner) Review

Here's a review of the current conditioner that I am using these days, Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle, Summer Rescue. 

I have my hair rebonded every December so it's a good hair day for me several months after that. But around this time of year when the hair growth is already noticeable, it's already a problem already but then I'd have to wait until December again. 

Above is a picture taken September of last year. 

While doing the grocery, I spotted this blue conditioner and read that it's a summer rescue. I haven't used Pantene on my hair before so I went on and bought one just for trial. 

I hoped for a summer savior but I've also found my everyday conditioner. I am an outdoorsy person and even though I apply sunblock on my skin, I put nothing on my hair. All those sun exposure had taken toll on my "crowning glory" 'cause I've noticed that my hair felt dry and brittle. Since I found this conditioner, I don't worry anymore for I know that it's being repaired plus it's also being protected from further UV damage. I love how it rescued my hair and makes it healthy, soft and manageable but I love the longevity of its scent more - kahit matagal ng naarawan sa labas, hindi nangangamoy araw ang buhok.

My hair days after rebond. 



Closer look of my hair last June

The black colored part is the growth since I had my hair dyed March 2016. 

So far, so good.


I have high hopes with this conditioner especially now that my hair is approaching its awkward months before December. lolz. :))

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