The Station, Maginhawa: Crazy Wings

 My mom once commented when we were out dining in Maginhawa Street.
"Ano ba mga pangalan ng resto dito sa Magingawa, kung hindi Crazy e Bobo naman." She was then referring to Crazy Katsu and Bobo's Pizza. Well, well, a few years later, we have another Crazy along the street: Crazy Wings at The Station.

You're surely gonna go crazy for their wings. 

I only eat chicken wings when it's buffalo wings and it's quite hard to find a restaurant that actually suits my taste. 

But not in crazy wings though.

The size of their wings are not small and their offerings are actually delicious and affordable.

We had my all-time favorite, garlic parmesan wings, original buffalo wings and soy garlic.

They sell their wings at 165.00 for 1/2 dozen, and 310.00 for 1 dozen. They also have combos with rice, fries, quesadilla, and chips. 

Crazy Wings
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