The Station, Maginhwa: Dee Bee Tin

Perfect for the rainy day at makakasigurado kang, DEE BEE TIN. :))

Dee Bee Tin is the stall that sells Chinese Comfort food in the Station, Maginhawa. 

I'm not a fan of Chinese noodles but if I were to eat, I always choose Beef variant. I love how tasty the soup is without tasting too Chinese. :)) Haha! I don't know about you but there's a distinct taste of Chinese cuisine (from star anise, perhaps?) that I don't like if the flavoring is too strong so Dee Bee Tin's version's alright and perfect for my liking. The beef cubes were tender and the noodles wasn't soggy. I am seriously craving for this in this rainy weather we're having these days. 

At dito sa porkchop rice nila, sigurado ka ngang DEE BEE TIN. :)) I love the world play in their name. Hehehe. The porkchop was tender as well and it's big that you may actually need two cups of rice. 

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