Behold Bohol 2017: Ferry (Cebu to Bohol VV)

If you're planning to go to Bohol and Cebu in one trip, the wiser decision is to book two one-way plane tickets for your outbound and inbound flights. That way you won't have to go back and forth the islands but if you're like us who've booked round trip tickets then you'd have to ride the ferry to get to another island. 

Unang beses ko! I am so happy. 

'Cause by then, I finally fell asleep. :) Ewan, weird ba? Na mabilis ako makatulog sa mga private transportations. Huhu

Usually, I'd cover myself with a scarf or sarong. You know, for those times na baka nakaka-nganga na pala ko and all. Jk! Mas komportable kaseeee. :)) I forgot to time the duration of the ferry ride though. 

The ferry to Bohol was packed but the ferry back to Cebu had a lot of empty seats that I was able to use three chairs as I slept. Not the weirdest place I've slept at. Definitely not now after my Malaysia trip which I'll be posting in the future... dahil patapos na July, February pa lang nalalagay ko sa blog. Sampung palakpak naman para sa'kin dyan.  lolz. Hope this helped you somehow! :D

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