The Station, Maginhawa: CMH Ilocos Empanada

A few weeks ago, we got to sample a lot of food stalls here in The Station, Maginhawa. I'll be making a post on each and CMH Ilocos Empanada is the first on my list. 

This was the second time I ate at CMH. The first time, I still have in my backlogs. 

The first food item is this Bagnet on top of a chichacorn bed. <3 Best paired with Sukang Iloko and a bucket of beer?? Haha!

Makahugot naman kasi.

"Bagnet ngayon ka lang?" para sa lahat ng baket... :))

Close-up picture para sa lahat ng baket wala ka pa sa The Station. Char

If you can go back the menu board on the first picture, you'll notice that they've given Ilocos Empanada an interesting twist by changing the ingredients. Eventhough I love my original longganisa empanada, I loved their bagnet empanda too. Actually, the first time I went there, I took home chicken empanada for my mom 'cause she doesn't eat at a lot of pork and she liked that one as well. I really like that they serve Vegetarian and Chicken empanada so there's something for everyone.

CMH Ilocos Empanada
Facebook Page

For deliveries: 09267191577

Thanks, Aldous and to the owners of CMH that we got to try almost all the foodstalls in The Station. 

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