Unlimited Wagyu Cubes and Seafood at Urameshi-ya, Little Tokyo, Makati

I was finally able to eat at Urameshi-ya Yakiniku in Little Tokyo which has an eat-all-you can promo every Monday to Thursday at 5 PM to 1 AM. Keep in mind that there's a limit of 45 minutes per diner/group and the price is around P 550.00 per person. Is it worth it?

I've always wanted to visit Little Tokyo in Makati but the traffic situation in Makati (in the whole of Metro Manila) stops me from travelling South if it's not an important matter. So when we spent a night in Makati Shang, I figured that there's no other place to eat dinner but here. 

We arrived there a few minutes after 5 PM so there wasn't any line but three tables inside were already occupied. 

Before entering the restaurant, you are to choose from here which food are you getting. 


My eyes were all on wagyu, prawns and scallops. huhu. Looking at it this picture makes we want to eat Wagyu again.

I took picture when the people from the other table left. There's a suction for smoke but it didn't work quite well since we left the restaurant smelling like smoke.. but I didn't mind especially if that meant that I ate char-grilled wagyu cubes <3

I don't suggest getting that flavored wagyu though because the cubes taste better when it's just plain. The prawns are huge and so fresh that for sometime there, I forgot that I went for the wagyu cubes.

We ordered too much so good thing that it wasn't packed that day I think we were able to stay for an hour. We went there early and on a Monday - Mondays are generally a slow day for restaurants so we took advantage of that.  Just make sure to arrive early 'cause I heard that lines start to accumulate by 6 PM. 

I don't know about you but I prefer charcoal grills than gas/electric grills if I have the options. I love the distinct taste of chargrilled food. 

Definitely not my first and last in Little Tokyo. 

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