South Korea 2018: Winter Morning at Nami Island

Gapyeong Travel Guide link: here.
Above is the link of my post wherein I put the details of my entire day with an expense/budget computation amounting to only P 2,000 for the entrance fees and transportation from Seoul to Gapyeong.

Most information are all in the travel guide already so I'm just showing you pictures below. 

Nami is an island so you still have to ride a ferry to get there. If you like your photos to not have a lot of people in the background, make sure to beat the crowd and arrive there early especially before the tour buses arrive.

The total cost of an entry to Nami Island is 13,000 KRW but there's an automatic discount of 3,000 KRW so it becomes 10,000 KRW for both the entrance and the ferry ticket. For thrill seekers who have an extra budget, you can opt to zipline your way to Nami Island for 38,000 KRW inclusive of entrance fee.

How cute it is that the ferry to Naminara Republic has the flags of ther countries? 

Spot your flag.

Naminara Republic Central Bank is a place in Nami where you can exchange your local currency to KRW. Nami Island is a small island so I don't think it's possible to get lost there but you may go inside to learn more about Nami. 

FINALLY! Always thankful for the gift of adventure. <3

It snowed in Seoul and in Pyeongchang the days before my visit to Nami but I don't think it snowed here too. Regardless, ice almost everywhere. 

Trees without leaves have their own unique charm but I would really love to see this place in Spring or in Autumn too. 

The early visitor takes photos with no other people in the background. <3

I was carrying a map with me but I can't tell which tree is which. Hahaha! 

Kapag galing ka sa bansang walang winter, pati yelo e attraction. haha!

Dun lang sa damuhan sa gilid.
Mas maganda siguro kung winter ka pupunta e 'yung may snow talaga sa mga puno. 

Malapit na ko kunin ng Adidas na mag-model ng bag nila. Charot. Haha!


The location of Winter Sonata's First Kiss is somewhere in this area. 

Nami Island is really a small island. Spending a maximum of five hours in this place should be enough to cover the entire island unless you've chosen to try the activities available or eat there. 

Soon, EU!
Soon, Mexico!
Soon, India!


These are only some of the tour buses that transport tourists to Gapyeong. As I left the island, I noticed that it was already starting to get crowded.

South Korea Travel Video:

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