South Korea 2018: Morning Calm Arboretum

Gapyeong Travel Guide link: here.
Above is the link of my post wherein I put the details of my entire day with an expense/budget computation amounting to P 2,000 for the entrance fees and transportation from Seoul to Gapyeong.

Winter Morning at Nami Island link: here.
Korea Trip 2018 link: here.

The Garden of Morning Calm is almost an hour away from Petite France and the last item in my itinerary for Gapyeong. I knew that  there's a light show here at night but I wasn't able to wait for it. 

Upon buying the ticket, the lady immediately told us that there are a lot places here that I can't enter since the snow are melting and some areas are slippery. 

I still had a great time walking around here though but it was definitely not as colorful as I thought it'd be. Weird timing kasi. Patapos na 'yung winter pero hindi pa fall. 

Weather wise it's was perfect 'cause it wasn't that hot yet not too cold so walking around was easy but since I'm looking forward to seeing foliage, medyo sad. haha!

However, overlooking places are enough to soothe my heart. haha!

I love this area.

Before my three years multiple entry visa expires, I want to take the same photo during different seasons. Spring and Autumn naman!

This frozen pond is a shooting location of Love in the Moonlight it just looks a lot different during winter time.

This looked like a very beautiful walkway leading to the forest/tall trees but entry was prohibited that time. Haaay

Still a great place for people who love visiting botanical gardens though as you can still distinguish the different kind of trees especially those that are evergreen.

Juniper tree <3

According to Visit Korea's website, 


First time seeing a weeping tree in person. 

But the surprise for that time, I know that Park Bo Gum has a scene here when he was shooting Love in the Moonlight but I didn't know that my baby Park Seo Joon's "She Was Pretty" has a scene that was shot here too. Pwede na!! hehehe

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