Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue At Devour Foodhub

Usually, we hate being served cold food/viands. Alam mo 'yun, kapag malamig 'yung pagkain para bang walang effort but that won't definitely be the problem with Mama Tess because their Filipino comfort food are served in sizzling containers. Love it!

Sizzling Balut
P 115.00

We initially didn't know what this was until we tried cutting one of the "balls" Turns out that it's balut, one of the exotic dishes here in the Philippines.

Whenever I think of those times when I tried to feed a foreigner this duck embryo, I also think that I should've known Mama Tess by then. lolz.  Their version of sizzling balut is delicious and looks appetizing. For sure, we would've skipped the whole freaking out thing if they were able to eat this first.

For Filipinos, this one's a good dish to try as well. Who would have thought that there are other dishes you can come up with balut aside from the usual suka at asin dip, diba?

P 210.00

I love the sauce of this kare-kare and the meat's also tender. This one is reasonably priced and perfectly paired with their bagoong.

Sizzling Bulalo
P 280.00

This is my favorite!

I love the regular bulalo but having a different version of it from time to time is good as well. The creamy (gravy?) sauce balances the tenderness of the meat and it's serving is obviously generous as well.

Sizzling Laing
P 170.00

At first, I thought this was their version of sisig but soon I realized that it's laing. While vegetable viands aren't usually my go-to order whenever I eat outside, this is perfect for those who do. It's a bit spicy but the taste of coconut milk still manages to balance the taste.

Thank you, Mama Tess Sizzling Avenue! <3

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