Fat Daddy's Smokehouse, UPTC

One of my go to malls here in Quezon City is definitely UP Town Center. Not only is it close to where I live, it also houses different quality and affordable restaurants such as Fat Daddy's Smokehouse which we were able to try.

Flat lay of all the food we had that day! <3
Loved everything they served.

Crispy Fried Pickles
P 185.00 

Perfect for people who loves munching on pickles even those who want to try eating pickles. The sourness is balanced by dip that you would surely reach out and get more sticks 'cause having one isn't enough. 

Jera's Ultimate Pulled Pork and Bacon Nachos HALF
P 330.00

All caps 'yung HALF para intense. haha. If you'd notice, I really have a habit of taking very close-up picture of food that the quantity of the nachos above isn't obvious anymore but that half portion of Fat Daddy's nachos seriously doesn't look half to me.  Topped with generous pulled pork, bacon, cheese and sour cream - this nachos is one of the best I've had! 

The fried platter above should really be good 'cause I wasn't able to taste it at all. Ubos agad! :)) 

Chef's Pat Ultimate Cheese Dip
P 250.00

I'm not exaggerating on this one but this was my favorite of all the dishes (if not for the meat.lol) Okay, fine. I may be biased though 'cause cheese and pita bread is just on another league in my palate 'cause I seriously love the combination. haha! Pero seryoso, this will not disappoint! 

Baked Mac n Cheese Poppers
P 195.00

Love their take on Mac n Cheese! Very interesting talaga when restaurants experiment on food.

Fresh, Fried and Smoked Platter
P 1,900

For sharing and with different kind of meat in one platter - this is definitely worth it! I loved the perfectly smoked steak that goes perfectly well with the salad below. 

For people like me na, "May gulay so should be healthy!" Lol. :))

The platter comes with the meat platter, the salad above, pitcher of iced tea, and rice. Not bad, eh? 

Triple Death Burger
P 440.00

I posted this picture in both my Facebook and Instagram account and some of my friends message me that I was torturing them because the burger above made their mouth water. Well, I wasn't trying to torture anyone kahit na Triple Death Burger ang name ng burger na 'to. Haha!

Triple Death Burger's name is that way because of the three kinds of meat it has as its patties. It doesn't sound like death to me at all, though, if anything... it's definitely heaven on Earth!

Brisket Burrito Bites
P 185.00

Andito na naman ako but I think this is perfect with beer! HAHAHA! I loved everything about this especially the sauce and the tender meat bits inside.


Caramel Drizzled Banana Pudding
P 170.00

Bacon and Smore's Dip
P 250.00

Pecan Pie
P 250.00

Smokey Bacon Milkshake
P 195.00

Caramel Popcorn Milkshake

P 195.00

Give the usual cafe drinks a break and try something different with Fat Daddy's! I prefer the smokey bacon milkshake than the caramel popcorn milkshake. Not only is it more unique, I'm still surprised how can bacon tastes so good with just about anything. lol. 

On another note, I was out with my girl friends from high school and time passes by so fast when I'm with those girls since we rarely see each other these days. Anyway, what we did was transferred restaurants because we wanted to drink something with liquor for the night ('cause wine not?). It's difficult to find a good place that serves just about anything you'd like to have during those long conversations. hehe.

Long talks while wanting to eat different kind of food should not be a problem with Fat Daddy's Smokehouse though 'cause they also serve cocktails. Refreshing cocktails at reasonable prices, that is, like the one above.

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse
First Floor UPTC (near Merkado Grocery)
Instagram Page link: here.

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