South Korea 2018: Seoullo 7017 - Seoul Skybridge - Fight For My Way Shooting Location

Although I wasn't able to visit all the shooting locations of Fight For My Way that I had in mind, I was able to walk at Seoullo 7017 for several times when I was in South Korea mainly because it's where I am supposed to walk at to get back to my hotel from Seoul Station. lol. :)) 

If you're a tourist, this is a main attraction. In reality, it's a newly-constructed pedestrian walkway beautiful and good enough to actually be tourist attraction. There are several establishments/stores here but they were all closed since it was already late. 

I wasn't able to walk along the entire "pedestrian highway" so the pictures here are taken near the Seoul Station area. I spent two hours walking there while waiting for snow. haha! 

During winter, if gray/white clouds "fill" the entire sky, snowfall is possible. While waiting, I decided to walk around the vicinity of my hotel until I reached this pedestrian bridge. I didn't immediately realize that it was Seoullo 7107 but I soon did as soon as I saw the blue lights. 

I knew of this place when it was shown in the Kdrama, Fight For My Way. When I came back to the Philippines, it was also in one of the episodes of 2 Days, 1 night... got so kilig!!! Hahaha! It was a place in Seoul that I recognize and I was able to walk at. 

Going solo in Seoullo 7017.

At times like this, you'll be thankful for couples because you get your picture taken in exchange for taking their pictures. Haha! Talk about being a third wheel anywhere. 

Everything in and around Seoullo7017 is beautiful. Imagine seeing a lot of places in Seoul while walking here. You can reach Namdaemun from Seoul Station if you continue towards the end of the skybridge. 

It's also a great place to be able to see Seoul downtown's skyline. 

Seoul Station at my back.



It was quite late back then but walking along Seoullo 7017, felt really safe. Unlike the footbridges here in the Philippines, no need to put your backpacks in front and briskwalk for safety. Lol. Hopefully, maging safe na rin sa Philippines!

Seoullo 7017 during morning

This place would so look good during Spring. I wonder what it looks like now? :)) I am hoping for a South Korea part nth, universe! Sayang naman multiple entry visa ko kung hindi ko magagamit.... winter, spring, summer, fall. 

As for the snow, it did. I think it snowed almost the whole night. <3 My heart is full!! That was already the transition of winter to spring but I experienced snowfall two times. 

The snowfall that I experienced that night was a heavy one and it was accompanied by lightning and thunder. Worth the wait!


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