Soul Potato at Devour Foodhub

While it's impossible to run out of Food Parks to visit these days since there are a lot, it's not always that you're "happy" when leaving the place. Either the food items are not delicious enough or the price point is too steep. 

Thankfully that's not the case with Soul Potato, one of the stalls in Devour Foodhub located at  1216 E Rodriguez Sr. Ave, New Manila, Quezon City,

Devour food hub has an ample parking space for diners and they also have enough tables and chairs for diners. 

Shepherd's Pie
P 160.00

This is ground beef in tomato sauce covered with mashed potato, mozzarella cheese and potato chips. 

I enjoyed eating this that I forgot that it was only our first dish that night. I've always loved the combination of mashed potato and melted cheese but the flavorful beef just put this dish in another level.

Country Fried Pork in Mushroom Gravy
P 180.00

The pork is crunchy on the inside and very tender inside. I love the pepper-y taste of the mushroom gravy that comes with this dish. 

Crispy Chicken Cheese Melt
P 160.00

This reminded me so much of a pizza. You know, chicken-crusted pizza. :)) As a cheese lover, I liked this dish a lot though I wasn't into this pairing. I think it'd be a lot better if you choose that this be paired with their delicious mashed potato.

Hickory Pork Steak
P 180.00

Pairing dishes with mashed potato is a typical American food - and it's something that I can actually eat these days especially if the meat is very tasty. Gone are the days when I was sooooo into rice! haha! 

Baby Back Ribs
P 260.00

Perfectly paired with their mashed potato. This flavorful baby back ribs is so tender you won't have hard time slicing it. Definitely falls off the bone!

Grilled Chimichuri Tomahawk
P 230.00

Grilled to perfection - this tomahawk easily became my favorite dish from Soul Potato. As you can see, the serving is very generous and the meat flavor goes very well with their chimichuri sauce! I appreciate the extra sauce on the side too. 

Freshly Cooked. Huge Servings. Classic Pairings with a Twist.

Soul Potato in Devour Foodhub is surely a stall that brought me comfort and happiness! <3 

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